1. Ricky & Henny & Surinam River Dance Band

Live in Blaka Watra


2. Electric Space Cowboys

Electric Space Cowboys in Blaka Watra, Hennie singing his own song
“Planeet Aarde” and Ricky on percussion, 3-6-2007


3. Party in Blaka Watra

Party in Blaka Watra with the Electric Space Cowboys, with special guest
David Hollestelle on guitar and Ricky Easy and Jackson.18-4-2006


4. Robbert singing

Robbert singing Otis Redding in Blaka Watra. 10-3-2008


5. Making a wallpainting in Blaka Watra

Rietveld students Xavier, Ludwig, Tobias and Jaan are making
a wallpainting in Blaka Watra together with Ebby, Herbert and Roy, 8-4-2006


6. Saskia & Dennis

Ebby makes a picture of Saskia and Dennis, Blaka Watra, 8-4-2006


7. Heart of Gold

Rietveld student Brita makes a heart of gold for Andrew according to his
instructions and his sketch; a heart covered with gold leaf and in the style
of Colombian artist Fernando Botero. The heart was offered to shelter
De Princehof at the opening party on 13-4-2008.
De Princehof had been closed for almost a year for renovation.


9. Tribute to Franky Easy Part 2

Tribute to musician Franky Easy, a day before the funeral, in the Temple
of the Valley Church, Amsterdam Bijlmer, with Surinam Kotomisi choir.


10. Try before you die

Filemon en de zwalkende zwervers.
Aflevering 3 van Try before you die van BNN. Verslaggever Philemon
gaat drie dagen op straat leven met Blaka Watra bezoeker Hans en
doet alles mee wat Hans in het dagelijks leven doet.



mungo tapu reggae music

RainbowSoulclub in Suriname
Making a Marron Monument in Mungo with
Marcel Pinas & a regae clip, ( recorded and edited by Rolanda )


12. reggae music clip mungo tapu

RainbowSoulclub in Suriname
Making a reggae clip in Mungo, ( recorded and edited by Rolanda )


13. Rhytm of Independence

Celebrating Keti Koti day at Blaka Watra, 1 july 2010, filmed by Rolanda.


14. Blaka Rosu

Rolanda singing Blaka Rosu and pictures of the trip to Surinam in 2009.


15. Compilatie Blaka Watra
25 Nov 2009 Deel 1


16. Compilatie Blaka Watra
25 Nov 2009 Deel 2


17. Facebook Videoboodschap
Project Suriname


18. Remember Ricky