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Since 2014 we have continued our photo gallery on Instagram. 

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Rainbow Soulclub back at Cargo-in-Context, save the date! 6 March!


27 June Pakhuis De Zwijger -Save the Date!

Save the date! 27 June we will take part in a public debate about homelessness in Amsterdam at Pakhuis De Zwijger:  Dak- en thuislozen gaan in gesprek met hulpverleners, inspirerende initiatieven, politici en omdenkers. FREE ENTRANCE! 

5 June-National Homeless Day 2019 – Daklozendag

Wednesday 5 June we will be present at the Daklozendag from 2-6.30 p.m. for a meet & greet and a painting picknick. Adres: Nieuwe Herengracht 18 > in the garden. (Free food, drinks and many performances)

24 May & 31 May 2019 -Field Trips !

There will be no drawing table on 20, 24, 27 and 31 May- due to GOOD WEATHER!! (and some unfortunate suspensions) Instead we will have Field Trips on 24 May and 31 May and we will attend the Daklozendag on 6 June. Send a message for time & place Field Trips, ALL WELCOME & ALL FREE.

Rainbow Soulclub in the woods


29 April 2019 – interview for NPO3 Brandpunt+

Read the interview with Rainbow Soulclub’s founders Saskia and George  at the website of NPO3 Brandpunt+  (Photos by Lou Muuse for Brandpunt+)


25 March 2019 – Light & Noise, at Galerie van Gelder

Light & Noise, 25 March 6-10 pm at Galerie van Gelder, Planciusstraat 9A. Come see our Re-Arrangement of Priorities #3 & listen to the speeches by our one-and-only Ronald Johnson and Ebby Addo around 8p.m. FANCY FOOD & DRINKS & LOTS OF GOOD VIBES :-)) with our BIG thanks to TOMS shoes and Do Something for Nothing and Joshua Coombes & Jamie Morrison.

23 March 2019 – finissage at Cargo in Context 4-6 pm

Welcome at the finissage of our show Rearrangement of Priorities #2 at Cargo in Context ! Drinks & snacks and free haircuts by Karim and FREE ADVISE by Patrick a.o. ALL WELCOME!

Rainbow-Soulclub-invite-finissage-Cargo-in-Context-2019 kopie23c6f3b1-f8b9-4f1e-b7e0-8761f2e284b3

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11 March – artist talk at Cargo in Context

11 March at 1 pm > artist talk at Cargo in Context for the MFA students of the AKV St.Joost Den Bosch. All other guests are welcome too! Our speakers: Ronald, Anthony, Sena, Saskia and George and Cargo’s Lia Gieling.Rainbow Soulclub and AKV St.Joost 2019

8 March opening of our show Re-Arrangement of Priorites #2

Welcome at our exhibition Re-Arrangement of Priorities #2 in Cargo in Context !!! Opening on 8 March 5 pm ! drinks & snacks & music & a live spoken column by Erik Hagoort. Swing by!     *A*l*l** W*E*L*C*O*M*E !!!! Exhibition: 8-25 March 

Rainbow-Soulclub-invite-opening-Cargo-2019Rainbow Soulclub Roy and Hossein -Cargo in Context 2019