28 April, Start of our new film: ‘Flowers from the Cardboard Hotel’

Today we are having the first shooting days of our new film ‘Flowers from the Cardboard Hotel’,  we will be filming over a period of one year! More news to come.

Interview in Het Parool, 26 Februari 2017

RainbowSoulclub in Het Parool, februari 2017

19 December, special guest Erik Hagoort at Blaka Watra

RainbowSoulclub is hosting Erik Hagoort’s research & discussion group, this time the subject is: ‘Loopholes’ 19 december at Blaka Watra. 19.00h at Blaka Watra, free food & drinks! A report of the discussion will be drawn by Karina and will be published appr. march 2018.

Erik Hagoort's research and discussion group hosted by RainbowSoulclub at the Blaka Watra Shelter

17 December, Nachtelijke Dwaling #10

We will participate in Uta Eisenreich and Zhana Ivanova’s Nachtelijke Dwaling #10 , called Double Take, in de Oude Kerk, 17 December at 20h.


Special guests in Blaka Watra in December 2017

This month we will have visits from writer Erik Hagoort, and artists Zhana Ivanova, Uta Eisenreich and Sakiko Sugawa.
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!


A letter writing assignment for Erik Hagoort, by Clifton Lettering, 7 November 2017

25 November Surinam Independance Day

Come to Blaka Watra for an independant Surinam Lunch Surprise, be there around 2h.


Peaceful cooking with Berry & our special guest Sakiko Sugawa at Blaka Watra, 25-11-2016

Rainbowsoulclub cooking bananasoup with Berry at Blaka Watra at Surinam Independence Day 2016

Special artist guests in November & December

Special artist guests at the painting table> 10 October Léa Donnan from the U.S, “> 31 October, Zhana Ivanova & Uta Eisenreich > 7 November writer  Erik Hagoort, More surprise guests to come!

Monday and Friday 2-5 painting table in Blaka Watra by Sena and every Monday from 5-6 Brainstormafterparty in the studio container in the garden with Saskia and George.  All Welcome, bring ideas!


11 September Picknick in Westerpark

Join us! Clifton’s annual park picknick in the the old part of Westerpark. We leave at 13.00 from Blaka Watra with the food etc.  >all help welcome! Free FOOD and DRINKS and MUSIC! YAY!

Sunny greetings from the picknick team:

RainbowSoulclub picknick team 2016


Kwakoe Festival 7 August

Meet us at 13.00 in front of the main entrance for tickets!


Million dollar haircuts for only 4 euro

On Wednesdays by the one and only Blaka Watra hairdresser Karim, all styles.

Rainbow Soulclub Karim in Blaka Watra